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*Phone calls in the campaign are optional. Just volunteer and we will automatically send your contacts a new postcard highlighting the dangers of fentanyl each month!
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How can you help?
One of our top goals is to educate our community and government leadership. 
We do this through our postcard campaign. This is the time for ACTION and we humbly ask you to sign up for our Postcard Awareness Campaign. We believe in the the power of ten. If we each send one postcard per month to 10 of our community leaders, the impact will be tremendous!

The Global Recovery Movement developed a campaign that will make a difference. The goal of this campaign is to identify top organizations and leaders in your community and to automatically send them a postcard each month. These postcards highlight the effective strategies, programs and tools we are outlining to educate their constituents on how to protect themselves, THEIR CHILDREN, their families and loved ones from the fentanyl poisoning. The campaign sends one postcard per month to each of the contacts you enter.
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Here is how this is accomplished:
Volunteer Above for the Global Recovery Movement Postcard Awareness Campaign
Here is the Process:
  1. Fill out the form above to volunteer
  2. Determine 10 leaders, organizations, etc. in your community that you would like to send a postcard each month through our postcard campaign
  3. Register and make a credit card donation of $10 per month to make this possible. Our cost to print , label, handle and mail the postcard is $1. We simply pass along the cost to you. Each person on your list will receive one, new postcard per month. Kindly see below for some examples of the postcards we send. We are in the process of developing a new postcard each month that your contacts will receive. So, for example, if you put the mayor of your town in your list, they will receive 12 individual, unique postcards, one per month, educating them on fentanyl poisoning and what they can do to educate their communities to stop the fentanyl poisoning epidemic.
The following are the first six postcards that will be sent each month to your the contacts you send us. Our team continually creates postcards and will be adding future months to this list shortly.
Month 1 Postcard 1
Month 2 Postcard 2
Month 3 Postcard 3
Month 4 Postcard 4
Month 5 Postcard 5
Month 6 Postcard 6